About Floral Derangement

My name is Nicola and I live in the not so sunny West Coast of Scotland.  Floral Derangement essentially started in 2015 as I created my own paper flower bouquets and wedding flowers for my own wedding, loving that I could combine my love of books with different fandoms in a quirky way that was very much 'me'.

During creating my flowers I discovered that I found it very therapeutic and it was a fantastic creative outlet with lasting results.

Bespoke bridal bouquet with family heirlooms
Me at the 8th Scottish Wedding Awards

The Small Details

Business started up properly in early 2017 and has steam-rolled ever since.

Thanks to online selling platforms, customers from all over the world are now able to enjoy their customised everlasting paper flowers that can contain anything from their favourite colours, books, songs to even family heirlooms being worked into the design for truly special flowers that they can save long after their wedding day.

Onwards and upwards

2019 was my most successful year so far, I  found to have been featured twice in a wedding magazine as well as online wedding magazine companies and a few blog articles, which for a single handed wedding company makes me feel very honoured.

As well as that I also made it into the Top 9 wedding florists in South West Scotland which I am extremely humbled and honoured by making it as a finalist and grateful to all of my couples that voted for me.

8th Scottish wedding awards